Essay on helping tendency

Synthesis and conclusion of the thesis Rephrasing main topic and subtopics.

Essay on helping tendency

None of them moved to help her, despite the fact that her murder was a slow one, in which she actually escaped and was recaptured at least twice. The incident sparked a lot of outrage and a fair amount of pop psychology media speculation as well.

Nobody was sure why her neighbors did nothing, but explanations ranged from secretly held hostile impulses caused by the frustration of living in the city to simple apathy. In a series of experiments, they simulated emergencies with varied conditions and observed what happened.

While they worked, white smoke was pumped into the room through a vent.

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Left alone, most participants quickly reported the smoke to the experimenter. In groups, however, most did not seek help, even when the smoke became so thick that participants rubbed their eyes and waved smoke away from their faces while working. Some were assigned to two-person discussions, while others were put in larger groups, but all sat alone and only communicated with others over the intercom.

Early in the discussion, an accomplice of the experimenter casually mentioned that he had a seizure disorder.

Virtually all participants who believed they were in a two-person discussion left the room immediately to seek help, whereas in the larger groups, participants were far less likely to intervene, and those who did take action waited substantially longer before doing so.

In these and many follow-up studies, a clear pattern emerged: In other words, the mere presence of other people inhibits helping behavior. This pattern of results became known as the bystander effect. When the bystander is alone, and therefore feels solely responsible for the welfare of the person in trouble, action is far more likely.

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Essay on helping tendency

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