The great compromise

Under his proposal, membership in both houses would be allocated to each state proportional to its population; however, candidates for the lower house would be nominated and elected by the people of each state.

The great compromise

Visit Website According to the Great Compromise, there would be two national legislatures in a bicameral Congress. Inthe Seventeenth Amendment was passed, tweaking the Senate system so that Senators would be elected by the people. The plan was at first rejected, but then approved by a slim margin on July 23, George Washington presiding over the Constitutional Convention, Electoral College How does the Electoral College really work?

The Great Compromise also skewed the electoral college. That means, for example, even though Wyoming only has three votes in the electoral college, with the smallest population of all the states, each elector represents a far smaller group of people than each of the 55 electoral votes in the most populous state of California.

Rural states with lower populations have significant national power. Some scholars see the small-state bias in the Senate as critical. The arrangement means that power in the Senate is distributed geographically, if not by population, ensuring that interests across the entire country are represented.

Gregg II, a political scientist at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, argued in a article in Politico that major metropolitan areas already hold power by hosting major media, donor, academic and government centers. The structure of the Senate and the corresponding representation in the electoral college, he said, ensures that the interests of rural and small-town America are preserved.

Was that the intention of the Founding Fathers? Edwards is doubtful since, as he points out, the majority of Americans at the time of Constitutional Congress came from rural areas—not urban. This is because equal-state representation in the Senate is specifically protected in the Constitution.

And no state is likely to willingly give up their say in the Senate.However, the Great Compromise was a solid platform that the framers of the Constitution could use to continue to shape the government of the United States.

The great compromise

Learning Outcomes Once you are finished. The Great Compromise was reached between the big states and the small states. The proponents of the Virginia Plan got what they wanted in the population-based House of Representatives, while the.

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The Great Compromise combined these two plans creating our current legislature with two houses, one based on population and elected by the people and the other house allowing two senators per state being appointed by state legislatures. The Civil War Home Page contains thousands of pages of Civil War material including Photos, Images, Battles, Documents, Associations, Letters & Diaries, Research Records, Biographical Information, Reenacting and Unit Information.

The Great Compromise. The combination of the New Jersey and Virginia plans, which gave equal representation to each state and representation due to population in separate branches of the house.

Equal Representation. Every state gets the same portion of the vote. Virginia Plan.

What was the Great Compromise